Deus Ex designer 'truly sorry' for Revolution's boss fights

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution was an outstanding game that kicked off the avalanche of triple-A titles that swarmed us last fall. Unfortunately, despite selling well, Revolution quickly took a backseat to titles like Gears of War 3, Modern Warfare 3, and Skyrim. For those of you who had a chance to play it though, you were most likely "irked" by the poorly paced and directed boss battles.

During his “Reimagining a Classic” GDC slot today, gameplay director Francois Lapikas apologized for the direction his team took with these fights, and offered an explanation for why they were present in the first place: 

“We saw them as a thing to break up the pacing more than a way to test the player’s skill."

"Play tests did flag the boss fights as a problem, but they didn’t flag the severity of it.”

“[The boss fights] were a big part of the game, and we should have put more effort into them. I’m truly sorry about that. Next time we’re gonna think about it more.”

Despite this nagging issue, Human Revolution was an impressive addition to the series, and we'd gladly recommend it to anyone. Because of this, we gladly accept Lapikas' apology, but the question is do you? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below. 

Source: [GameInformer]

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