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Detroit: Become Human twitter throws shade at Xbox One owners

But it was a joke.

Yesterday, the Detroit: Become Human account threw some shade at Xbox owners then took it back hoping that no one saw it. Of course, it's the internet and not only did people see it, they took a screenshot of it as well. 

The official Twitter account for Detroit: Become Human tweeted out the following tweet last night (which has been screenshot numerous times and, yes, we personally saw it live) to their 1,415 followers. Sony probably gave Quantic Dream a call when they saw the post to get them to remove it, but it definitely existed for a couple hours.


Lately, developers and executives across the industry have been attempting to stop the whole 'console war' thing, so comments like this aren't generally seen in a positive light - even if they are simply a joke (I own an Xbox One and play it much more than my PS4, I wasn't offended).

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