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Detroit: Become Human Has "Three Times" the Branches of Heavy Rain Plus New Replay Features

"Go back any time and replay from a specific point."

Detroit Has "Three Times" the Branches of Heavy Rain Plus New Replay Features

David Cage games are about choice. Detroit is no different, except for maybe expanding the number of choices. The interesting thing about Detroit, being a sci-fi about androids, is that this time, you'll have the option to replay any choices from any point.

Regret a decision from the first five minutes of the game? Just rewind it!

The recent E3 demo showed two androids trying to escape an attack from other robots. This only scratches the surface, however. As Cage described later to Games Radar, "What’s very important, that maybe doesn’t come through in this scene, is that the choices we offer to the player are not binary." Detroit is, he says, offering more than basic options like "do you want to be good or bad, do you want to violent or pacifist?"

"The situation is much more complicated. It questions the player a lot about his values more than about if you prefer blue or red. It’s really like ‘what would you do if it was happening to you?’ What is, for you, morally the right thing to do? And sometimes it doesn’t work out the way you expect. You think you’re doing the right thing and it turns out to be the bad thing. Because, as we know, real life is much more complex than pushing a button and doing a simple decision. There are many consequences. What will the media think? What will public opinion think? Politics think? What will your people think?"

Basically, two people's playthrough of Detroit could play out differently from each other. In fact, it seems that with the rewinding feature, it's almost guaranteed. One thing people have said about previous Cage games such as Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls is that once you play through it once, the game isn't very replayable because the big reveal has been seen already. Detroit aims to make each decision change the game so drastically, that this may seem like an issue of the past.

Although, Cage still recommends a solid, no-looking-back playthrough before rewinding. "I really encourage people to play one walkthrough without going back, so that they get their very unique version of the story," says Cage. "But you can go back at any time and replay from the beginning or a specific point in the story and see all the different branches."

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