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Detroit: Become Human confirmed for 2018 release

Another Sony game slots into the next calendar year.

Detroit: Become Human has just kind of hung around in the background over the last couple of years as a title we know is in the works, but hasn't yet taken that major leap into the spotlight. From the studio behind Heavy Rain (JASON!) and Beyond: Two Souls, director David Cage confirmed to Gamespot that Detroit: Become Human will launch next year.

Cage didn't give a release window, saying only "it's going to be next year."

Detroit: Become Human had previously been listed for release this year, but Sony's Shuhei Yoshida was quick to shoot that down, acknowledging that the listing was a mistake. We got a look at some more gameplay footage from the game at E3 2017 last week, so hopefully, it won't be too long into the next calendar year when we get our hands on the game.

Source: [Gamespot]

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