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Details on Persona 4: The Golden for Vita


Atlus has officially announced that Persona 4 will be getting the PlayStation Vita treatment. After seeing much success on the PlayStation 2, Atlus' popular RPG will now go portable. Of course, this won't just be a straight port. No, Atlus wants to beef up the package to make it an even more enticing purchase for Vita owners.

Unlike the portable version of Persona 3, which had several features removed, the Vita edition of Persona 4 will not exclude any content. This is great news for both gamers who have already played the original game, as well as those who will finally get a chance to enjoy it. Here are the added features of Persona 4: The Golden for Vita, as detailed by Andriasang:

3G and Wi-Fi support New event scenes Additional Personas New outfits New character named Marie System that allows you to send a message for help when you're about to die New anime sequences with new voice acting 1.5 times the voice acting of the original New opening movie theme A brand new (unknown) feature that fans have been requesting

Yeah, this is no straight port, and it's certainly not a watered down remake, either. Persona 4: The Golden looks to add a notable amount of content to the revered RPG, making it a title worth watching out for if you're a potential Vita adopter. Atlus plans on releasing the game sometime in spring of next year. Watch out for it.

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