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Destiny to run at 1080p on Xbox One come launch, and here's gameplay footage to prove it


Bungie, via IGN's first look, has released the first footage of Destiny running at 1080p on Xbox One. 

Though the Xbox One beta build of the game will only render at 900p, Bungie graphics engineer Chris Tchou has confirmed that the Xbox One version will, indeed, run at 1080p come launch day on September 9.

"It runs at the same resolution, same frame rate as PS4," Tchou said.

"We basically got together with Microsoft and got a bunch of engineers here to work on optimizing and taking advantage of the system reserve -- basically, the extra GPU time Microsoft gave us -- and got it up to 1080p," he explained.

The video's compression makes it difficult to notice any major differences between the Xbox One and PS4 versions -- if there are even any to begin with, which, according to Tchou, there isn't. "It's the same [on both PS4 and Xbox One]," he added. You may notice, however, a slight hiccup in the frame rate once the player starts riding around on the Sparrow (around 0:40). It's hard to tell if that's an encoding problem with the video or the actual game, though. Either way, Bungie still has some time to smooth out any problems and this week's beta should help.

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