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Destiny's Xur has made his way into World of Warcraft

Time to expand the empire

The mysterious traveling vendor Xur from Destiny has set up shop a long way from home, Xur has expanded his trading empire to include Dalaran from World of Warcraft as well.

For Destiny players, Xur is a familiar face who sells exotic items, engrams, and other various high-end items, but it seems like he or one of his relatives wanted to grow the family trading emporium so naturally expanding to floating city of Dalaran was the obvious choice.

In World of Warcraft's latest expansion, Legion, a vendor named Xur'ios can be found in Dalaran and just like his brother in Destiny Xur'ios trades in a special currency outside the main one. Xur'ois can trade items like as "Ingram’s Puzzle" (Engrams), "Gjallar’s 'Horn'" (Gjallarhorn), "Mote of Light" and "Krota’s Shield" (Crota’s Sword). To be able to obtain these items Xur'ois needs Curious Coins, similar to regular Xur needing Strange Coins for his items. Though the main thing for Xur'ois as of now seems to be to use him as a vendor for one of the many new mounts coming with Legion.

Xur'ois is a pretty obvious and funny easter egg to Destiny's traveling merchant Xur and in a time where gamers themselves keep on fighting the console/ platform wars, it's good to see that the developers is taking this as "serious" as they should.

Shout out to Eurogamer for finding the video containing Xur's brother, Xur'ois. Fast forward the video above to 3:57 to see Xur'ois for yourself.

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