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Destiny cooperative multiplayer built around three-person 'Fireteams'


At the “nucleus” of Destiny cooperative play are three-person Fireteams “bound together by blood (and netcode),” this according to Bungie in a recent PlayStation Blog Q&A.

However, these bonds will not be the only way to experience Destiny’s massive online universe. Bungie has made it clear that whether you’re going lone wolf or apart of Fireteams, you’ll be able to encounter other players, known as Guardians, and link up with them to take down enemies, battle in PvP, and more.

“Our core cooperative nucleus is the Fireteam — a group of three Guardians bound together by blood (and netcode). But whether you’re going it alone, of linked up with a Fireteam, you can still encounter other Guardians as you tackle the larger challenges that you’ll find in public events.

“There’s no telling how many people you might have to work with to defeat the most dangerous enemies. Of course, other modes like competitive multiplayer, or Raids, will feature player counts well above three — but we’re not talking about those quite yet. Stay tuned!”

Tuesday, Activision’s Dan Amrich announced that Destiny will be available spring of 2014, with a beta open to those who pre-order the game in “early 2014.”

Source: [PlayStation Blog]

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