Destiny beta begins in July, Activision reveals

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We've known for a while now that Destiny's beta would begin in summer, but during Activision's earnings call today the publisher revealed a July window. Neither Activision nor developer Bungie have formally announced anything via a press release, but given that this was an investor call you can pretty much bet the information is accurate.

Unfortunately, we'll likely have to wait until E3 for any sort of specific date. Earlier this week, Bungie confirmed that more information about the beta will be shared at E3.

Beta for Destiny was originally planned for early 2014; however, in February, Activision announced beta was actually planned for summer leading up to the game's September 9th release. PlayStation owners will still receive first access, but Destiny's beta will eventually be open to anyone who pre-orders the game regardless of platform.

In the earnings call, Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick shared the company's belief that Destiny "could become our next billion dollar franchise and the largest new videogame IP launch in history." Those are certainly some bold predictions, but Activision is no stranger to record-breaking numbers thanks to its Call of Duty franchise.

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