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Despite GLaDOS@home, Portal 2 Isn't Out Yet


We reported a couple days ago that Portal 2 would get an early release on PC if players could band together to buy and play the Potato Sack, a collection of 13 indie games. While that's still technically true, it turns out the game probably won't come out too early after all.

Keeping track of the constantly changing Portal 2 launch is nearly impossible at this point. Other news blogs are making reports and then taking them back. Every morsel of new info is a potential announcement that the game is out.

But the game hasn't released, and I'd like to apologize to anyone who felt slighted by our previous report. If Valve were the developer that could do no wrong at the beginning of the weekend, they've likely become a frustration for many people now. One annoyed commenter in my previous story noted that not everyone is cheery about the promotion: “LOTS of their loyal customers are angry and bitterly disappointed by the cynical maneuver.”

Still, the general vibe I've been getting is that many fans are thrilled at the thought of getting their hands on Portal 2 early, even if only by a few hours. Current estimates put the release at about seven hours from now. Will you be staying awake for the release, or has all the hype gotten a bit too exhausting?

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