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Despite Destiny's PlayStation exclusive content, Bungie still 'dedicated to all four consoles'


As everyone is probably well aware by now, PlayStation owners will be getting exclusive content for Bungie's upcoming game Destiny, regardless of whether you are playing on PS4 or PS3. But despite the business relationship, Bungie wants gamers to know that they are "dedicated" to all four consoles.

"What people should know is that we're dedicated to all four consoles," Bungie environment artist Jason Sussman told us.

"This is the first time Bungie's been this incluse. We've always been on one console," he added. Prior to working on Destiny, Bungie was the studio responsible for creating Halo, what is now Xbox's flagship franchise. So how did Bungie, which created one of the largest franchises for Xbox, reach a partnership with Sony to provide PlayStation with exclusive content?

"Sony was super excited to have us jump on with them, and they wanted to do anything they could to assist us with that, and it's been a pleasure working on the PS4," Sussman explained. But again, he assured Xbox owners that they are "absolutely making sure that there are no discrepancies between any systems, and want to make sure people have the most fun and get the most out of the game on all consoles."

Sussman's comments came at the same time Bungie confirmed 1080p and 30fps for Destiny on both Xbox One and PXS4. "I play both consoles. I have friends on both systems. I personally own Battlefield on both systems, the Premium as well," he said. "Call of Duty also."

As for last-gen, he says Bungie is still fine-tuning, but they're "within the same specs."

Destiny is due out for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360 on September 9, 2014. Bungie just wrapped up their First Look Alpha for PS4, and looking ahead to July 17 PS4 and PS3 owners who pre-ordered the game can jump into the beta phase.

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