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Design Missions for Full Game in InFamous 2 Beta


US citizens can sign up to get their hands on the inFamous 2 beta—and create levels to their heart's content—right now, according to the US PlayStation Blog. The sign-up phase will last no more than a week, however, and only a select group of people will be granted entry. One of the more peculiar requirements see users that already have an account needing to re-register as a "legal requirement."

Those lucky enough to get in will be able to design their stuff starting April 12, and the best missions will be beamed into the full game come release day. Is this a case of cheap development? Sucker Punch Productions surely isn't sitting there thinking, "Well, we've ran out of ideas for missions ... Let's leave it to the fans. Even if a beta tester is just some Joe who makes really tall buildings, we've done our jobs."

Okay, so that's probably not what they're thinking. User interaction on this scale is win-win and should be done more often. Imagine how much games could benefit from this type of user interaction. A top tattoo artist adding designs to a Devil May Cry game or a thirteen-year-old putting a creative touch on Grand Theft Auto 11 are but possibilities. User voting should accompany the creation, as fans are the ones purchasing the game. Obviously this is a problem with inFamous 2 because of limited access, but future betas could genuinely take advantage of what matters most: consumer approval.

The legal requirements, sign-up link and more can be found here. European readers: There's no access for you yet, but the European PlayStation Blog says that some PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to get in on the action.

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