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Demiurge and BioWare Collaborate on Development for Mass Effect for the PC

April 8, 2008 

Demiurge and BioWare Collaborate on Development for Mass Effect for the PC

Demiurge Studios honored to work with award-winning development team


Demiurge Studios has announced collaboration with BioWare to bring Mass Effect™, the award-winning space epic, to the PC. With a host of new features and a focus on making an experience tailored to the platform, Mass Effect for the PC is scheduled for release this May.   


“Working with BioWare has been an incredible experience,” said Albert Reed, studio director for Demiurge Studios. “Maintaining the utmost professionalism, BioWare and Demiurge have ensured that quality and communication are the top priorities.  The team at BioWare welcomed our new ideas and has been supportive of our contributions to the project, giving us the opportunity to make this game feel perfectly natural for the PC. It’s refreshing to work with a company like BioWare that is truly dedicated to creating the best game possible.”


Demiurge Studios is directly involved with the enhancements and additions to Mass Effect in creating a PC-specific user experience. With the development opportunities of the PC, the teams placed focus on higher environmental and character resolutions, smooth game flow and a gameplay interface that takes advantage of the platform. Many new additions are being implemented, such as individual squad member control, a reworked inventory system, fully customized key mapping and hot keys, and an entirely new decryption minigame.


“Demiurge’s past experience and expertise made them a natural choice to help us develop the PC version of Mass Effect,” said Diarmid Clarke, Project Director for BioWare. “They are providing phenomenal support and are taking advantage of the opportunities in converting a console title to the PC platform. Bringing fresh thoughts to the development table along with an incredible skill level, Demiurge is a very talented company and we are pleased to be working with them.”


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