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Dementium 2 bringing the scares to PC and Mac


Two years ago, Dementium 2 offered up a survival horror experience for DS owners. The game was ambitious, attempting to bring some major scares and compelling first-person shooter gameplay to Nintendo's previous handheld. Ultimately, developer Renegade Kid delivered the goods for the most part. While Dementium 2 wasn't without its flaws, it was a solid title for DS gamers looking for something different from most of what's on the portable.

Now it looks like the game will reach a wider audience. As announced today, Dementium 2 is now headed to PC and Mac. The game is set to launch for the platform "soon" and is being developed using the Unity engine. If you want a slight glimpse of the improved visuals, check out the teaser below. But seriously, don't expect anything more than a slight glimpse.

Aside from the amped up graphics, Dementium 2 on PC and Mac will also support the Xbox 360 controller, as well as mouse-and-keyboard configuration. So far, that's all we really know about this upcoming survival horror shooter.

Memetic Games and Digital Tribes Games are currently working together on this new version of Dementium 2. Expect some more announcements down the road, and if you never played the original DS game, watch out for this upcoming iteration.


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