DEMACIA! Garen gets visual upgrade in League of Legends

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You’ll have to check the bushes for where Garen’s been hiding. Is he regenerating his health or just waiting to strike? Will there be spinning involved? You KNOW there will be spinning involved! What better way to play League of Legends’ Garen than with a brand new visual update. Garen may not have been a character on my need list for re-mastering but now that I’ve seen it, I’m glad Riot did it.

The poster boy for Demacia has brand new visuals and particles for all his abilities and skins. Even the lugs voiceover and sound effects have be updated – this is truly a full upgrade. All of his skins got reworked except his newest Steel Legion one, it was already up to par. The details and differences added to the skins are quite remarkable. I especially like how the Desert Garen skin has a scimitar type sword instead of his regular straight one. It’s the little things with me.

Garen Comic

Get rugged all over with Garen’s visual update. Sivir, you're next.


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