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DeLoreans don’t work on McCovey Cove unless you have power


In case you missed this footage from the August 10th’s Giant’s vs. Rockies game, here it is.  If you are asking yourself… is that a DeLorean hovercraft driving around McCovey Cove outside AT&T Park?  The answer is yes.  Matthew Riese wanted a DeLorean ever since watching Back to The Future for the first time, enough that he went out and made his own.

It’s not really a DeLorean since me made it himself but it sure looks like one.  The effort and craftsmanship can’t be ignored on this project – the thing looks damn good.  Does it fly or time travel?  Sadly no, but it does hover which is the next best thing.  It can move over anything flat: asphalt, water, sand, etc.  In the state of California, this homemade hovercraft is licensed by the DMV as a boat and is not street legal.  In case you’re wondering it gets up to 45 miles per hour, that’s 43 MPG too short.

Make sure you have power first.  Apparently Colorado was up by four in the middle of the 4th inning.

[Engadget via Kickstarter]

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