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Dekaron Entering Beta in Europe

February 4, 2008

Dekaron Entering Beta in Europe

The most anticipated F2P MMO will start its Closed Beta on Feb. 22nd.

Great news for you, merciless PvP players: GameTribe will launch the European Closed Beta of the famous MMO DEKARON on Feb. 22nd!

Limited access is available, so run to GameTribe and register: do not miss the opportunity to fight for the DEKARON resistance army. We’ll send an email to all the lucky players that will be extracted!

Dekaron is a fusion-fantasy 3D MMORPG set in a Middle Ages based scenery. Its realistic environment and explosive adventure make this extraordinary game much like watching a fast-paced action movie. You must journey into this magical world with hundreds of other adventurers and explore perilous dungeons and fantastical cities in the world of Trieste.

No mercy for the weak: Dekaron is pure survival!

The game already has localized versions for the Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese and Chinese markets. The English version dedicated to the North American market by Acclaim is under the “Two Moons” title.

Register to and get a change to be selected for the Dekaron European beta test !

About Dekaron

  • Realistic Combat System
  • Dynamic Battle Included in Combo System
  • Advanced Artificial intelligence
  • Realistic 3D graphics
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