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Defiance in-game event has players finding a cure for an outbreak

Outbreak Dustin Hoffman

Trion Worlds' sci-fi MMORPG Defiance has a new in-game event that tasks players with finding the cure for a new, mysterious sickness. 

According to the community page, "A mystery sickness is spreading across the Bay area! In an effort to find out what is happening, triage centers have been established at both Top Notch and Shandu's Consulate. No one knows what this sickness is just yet, but possibly you can help Eren find a cure. 

The community page does not list an end date for the event, but it does give some details on what players can expect. Ark Hunters will help each other in game to complete one new pursuit mission, "Hunting the Cure." In it, players are to collect three data recorders that will boost Ark Hunters' EGO ratings. The data recorders are:

  • Subject Douglas Rivers
  • Quarantine Recommendation
  • Stage 4 Outbreak

Defiance MMORPG mysterious illness in-game event

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