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Default NHL12 Female Model is a 14-Year-Old Girl


NHL 12 dropped back in September, and hockey fans have been enjoying the game's robust features for about two months now (including our own Lance Liebl, who gave the game a solid 8.5). However it seems doubtful that players creating a custom female skater would know that that default model looking back at them is actually a fourteen year old fan named Lexi Peters.

Lexi is a huge hockey fan, even playing for her hometown team, the Niagara Junior Purple Eagles (that sounds like an awesome band name actually). And though she's a fan of the EA Sports franchise, she'd about had it up to here with the blatant feminism, writing into the company and asking "Where the sistahs at?!" Actually, her own words were a bit more succinct.

"“It is unfair to women and girl hockey players all around the world,” Lexi wrote. “I have to be represented by a man … and that is not fun.”

The dudebros at EA Sports, ashamed of their dudebro ways, offered to not only add female avatars to the game, but to import Lexi's face as the starting model, even adding the birthmark over her left eye. Of course, it's not like the player models in NHL 12 are anything to write home about, but yeah... that kind of looks like her. Kind of.

Check out the original news story and video at abcnews.

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