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Deep Silver Sets Release Date for Lost Horizon, Uncovers Even More Content


Deep Silver today announced that their adventure title Lost Horizon will be available for digital download on September 24 of this year.

New details about the game were also revealed; once players finish Lost Horizon, they will unlock additional content, including a “Surprise Puzzle,” and the ability to play portions of the original prototype game.

“Deep Silver’s flexible distribution models and varied games portfolio allows us to deliver great content to American gamers that they might not otherwise see,” said Geoff Mulligan, Chief Operating Officer at Deep Silver, while slowly moving his index finger over objects in his office, apparently looking for clues. “Quality point and click adventure games are hard to come by, but there’s a massive fan base out there, eager to experience a game featuring an enthralling plot and stunning hand-painted artwork. For those gamers and for gamers looking to find out what adventure games are really about, Lost Horizon is a must-have.”

Lost Horizon is set in the 1930’s and tells the story of Fenton, a former soldier turned rogue smuggler. When a band of explorers goes missing in the highest reaches of Tibet, he is tasked with finding them and bringing them home. Along the way, he crosses the path of a Nazi expeditionary force tracking down powerful occult weapons for use in their conquest of the world. It’s up to Fenton to find the lost expedition and stop the Nazis from finding the greatest treasure of all, the mysterious city of Shambala!

Lost Horizon will be available for digital download through several top online PC game retailers for $19.99 on September 24, 2010.

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