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Deep Silver Releases Story Details for Mytran Wars

January 28, 2009

Deep Silver Releases Story Details for Mytran Wars

Stormregion developing strategy title exclusively for the PSP

Deep Silver Inc. today released new information about the turn-based strategy game Mytran Wars. The game is being developed exclusively for PSP by Stormregion, winner of numerous awards for their strategy games.

By the mid 23rd Century, Earth stands united under the rule of a high praesidium of multinational corporations. Fossil fuels, drinkable water and other natural resources are all but depleted. The corporations, having invested large sums to space exploration, are hoping to solve the impending crisis.

The planet of Pythar is a prime target for resource extraction. The Kondor Corp., began investing in space research and development in the hopes of exploiting much needed resources. Fund were provided to research teams tasked with discovering these valuable deposits as well as on military technology to protect these research projects from potential harm.

The shareholders are now expecting to see results - even if it means stripping Pythar bare of its natural resources. Human prospectors, hard pressed to supply the ever-growing hunger of Mankind, soon find themselves in war with the inhabitants of this new world. Here is where the story begins...

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