Deep Silver successfully trolls CNN with GAT V

Saints Row 4 Screenshot - Saints Row 4 GAT V Pack

Oh, Deep Silver, you sly dogs. Today marks the launch of Grand Theft Auto V, one of this year's biggest blockbuster titles. Often shortened to GTA V, Deep Silver and Volition decided to have a little fun by releasing the GAT V DLC pack, a new Johnny Gat-themed add-on for Saints Row 4. Notice the similarity in letters?

Being the marketing geniuses they are, Deep Silver promoted the "#GATV" hashtag. Why? Because in the hustle and bustle of the mainstream media world, many traditional outlets don't take the time to actually research a game (or maybe the brain simply looks past the two mixed letters -- we've all seen that post with the scrambled letters that your brain can read as long as the first and last letter are the same... right?). Either way, the results are hilarious and I'd say their promotion has been quite successful.

It's doubtful that this Saints Row 4 DLC will have any sort of impact on the success of Grand Theft Auto's launch, but it's still going to be fun to keep track of.

The first notable victim is CNN Mexico's Mayrsabel Huston.

Mission accomplished, Deep Silver. There are plenty more on Twitter making similar mix-ups so don't be too hard on them. Now everyone go out and buy GTA V and GAT V. I guess all those comparisons that Saints Row draws to Grand Theft Auto are finally warranted. Now they are stealing their letters! *grumble grumble*

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