Deep Silver: No plans to port current titles to Xbox One or PS4

Dead Island Riptide Screenshot - 1126695

Deep Silver has no plans to port Dead Island or any of its other current-gen titles to the Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

"A new generation of consoles should be a good point to consider some new, fresh gameplay," creative director Guido Eickmeyer said in a Reddit AMA.

"Considering what we have in mind right now, I think porting the current titles to PS4 or Xbox One would not suit that well," he said. Given that the specific game in question was Dead Island, it remains to be seen if Eickmeyer's comments apply to all of the games under the Deep Silver umbrella, including Saints Row 4 which is coming to Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on August 20.

As for Dead Island's future, Eickmeyer didn't specifically mention any plans for another installment on next-gen systems, but he did say he would "expect" more sequels in the future.

"There is actually a lot (!) in the coming..." he said, before reiterating, "Watch out, there is a loooooot more coming in the next months!"

Do you want to see any of Deep Silver's current-gen titles on the Xbox One or PS4?

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