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Debonair Vi and Ezreal now available in League of Legends

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Jayce isn't the only debonair League of Legends anymore. Sure, he may still have the most defined jawline out of everyone, but now he's now got some company for best dressed.

Both Vi and Ezreal have had their Debonair skins released in the game. "Tailored suits, fitted vests and elegant gauntlets let everyone know the difference between you and them is simple: You make this look good," the description reads.

Not to come off as sexist, but the word "debonair" is traditionally applied when describing a male figure. Now, I know it's 2014 and pretty much anything goes these days so that may be something to take up with Merriam-Webster. Either that or Riot is sending us a subtle message that Vi is a transgender. Very progressive, Riot.

Or as my co-worker, Andrew, so eloquently put it: "I think they just wanted to put a suit on a chick."

Whatever the case, both Debonair Vi and Debonair Ezreal are now available in the League of Legends store for 750 RP each. There's also the Debonair Summoner Icon for 250 RP.

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