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Death Stranding entirely Kojima's game; Guillermo del Toro "just a puppet"

Weirdness everywhere

Death Stranding is by far one of if not the weirdest game we've seen in a while. Everything from funky baby fetuses to Norman Reedus naked to Mads Mikkelson wearing some weird powered suit in a drainage tunnel. The most recent trailer didn't help things and also revealed Guillermo del Toro, long time friend of producer Hideo Kojima.

Apparently, Del Toro is just as lost as the rest of us, as he revealed he's not involved in the game's production at all. 

“I’m involved as a character. He’s discussed his ideas so I could understand the character, but other than that I’m not involved, creatively, at all. This is entirely Kojima-san’s game. I think it’s gonna be a fantastic game, 100%. But this is him and his ideas. I’m just a puppet in his hands. My contribution is limited to being a cheerleader for his ideas and being scanned for long hours at a time. That’s about it.”

The interview was with IGN and just adds to the confusion of the game. Recently, eagle eyed users found out how the two trailers for the game are tied together, and other than that we have no clue on what to expect from Death Stranding. The only thing we know for sure is that it's a third person action game and should release before 2019 according to Kojima. 

It's interesting to see Del Toro not having any involvement, especially after they were working together to make their own game before the fallout with Konami. Hideo Kojima isn't leaving anything to chance here and is keeping Death Stranding close to his chest. We most likely will see something at Sony's E3 conference in June, but even that is not guaranteed. 

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