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Deadly Premonition and Killer Is Dead are on Xbox Games on Demand

Killer Is Dead

Xseed Games has released survival-horror and action games Deadly Premonition and Killer Is Dead, respectively, on Games on Demand for Xbox 360.

Deadly Premonition is available digitally for $20 and Killer Is Dead for $50. That's especially good news if you've been trying to track down the original version of the former — now a cult hit — without paying too much.

Marvelous Entertainment, which became Marvelous AQL and later joined with Xseed in North America as Marvelous U.S.A., originally published Deadly Premonition in Japan in 2010. Rising Star Games is a more recent handler of the title. It published a Director's Cut for PlayStation 3 earlier this year and is currently working toward a release on PC.

Xseed published Grasshopper Manufacture's Killer Is Dead only last month in North America.

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