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Dead Space Movie Is Still in the Cards


The Dead Space series has spawned five games and a number of comic books, cartoons, novels, and more. The only unexplored territory at this point is a feature film, but even that possibility isn't out of the series' grasp. While most game-inspired movies fizzle out as mere rumors, the multimedia nature of the Dead Space series suggests that a movie could still happen.

The movie has been in some form of pre-production since 2009, with D.J. Caruso signed on to direct. During an interview for his film I Am Number Four, AreaGames asked for a status update on Dead Space.

“We're working on the story,” explained Caruso. “It's actually from the producers of Twilight, Wyck Godfrey is one of the guys who put it together. We had one attempt at trying to do a prequel that the story didn't quite work out as well as we wanted to. But if we can capture how scary or horrifying it could be to play that game, it'd be fun to make that into a movie.”

It sounds like the film is still in the conceptual stages, and the failed attempt at a prequel is a bit worrisome. The mention of the Twilight producers concerns me even more. If the quality of Twilight is any indication, the producers aren't terribly concerned with making good movies. Caruso himself has made some decent films, but considering two of them are Eagle Eye and Disturbia, I wouldn't be surprised if we saw Shia LeBeouf donning the engineering suit.

All jokes aside (hopefully), I feel that Dead Space (by its very nature as a trans media series) has a good shot at becoming a feature film. Just don't expect it to be about Isaac—the additional fiction in the series, even including games like Dead Space: Extraction on Wii, focused on an entirely different set of characters. What part of the Dead Space mythos would you like to see on a film cover?

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