Dead Space 3 In The Works? EA Mum About Leaked Logo and Concept Art

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According to Dead Space 3 might be be in the works. In a recent report talking about the evolution of video games, an Israeli news station received a staff tour of EA's Redwood Shores office. Thanks to the keen, superhero-like eyesight of David Porges, who spotted the Dead Space 3 logo and what appears to be Dead Space 3 concept art on the wall of the office, we have a little less than solid proof that Dead Space 3 is currently being worked on.

An EA spokesman responded to the potential leak, "We don't have any news about the Dead Space franchise at this time."

Porges supplied IGN with a clip of the section showing the b-roll footage which revealed the logo and concept art.

I wouldn't be surprised if Dead Space 3 was being worked on. Judging from the success of the previous Dead Space titles, EA would be stupid not to be.

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