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Dead Space 2 for Wii, Simpsons Game Canceled


Two titles from EA have been canceled. News of the axed games came from the Linked In accounts of designers Gerry Sakkas and Matt Spriggens. The two titles in question are Dead Space 2 for the Wii and an unspecified Simpsons game.

It's interesting that EA was considering porting Dead Space 2 to the Wii, since the first game wasn't even transferred over. EA may have decided to finally bring the series over to Nintendo's shiny console, especially with the potential for motion-based pointer controls. Or perhaps the company was going to release another rail shooter based in the Dead Space 2 universe. We'll never know.

As for the game based on The Simpsons, it's uncertain how successful this title would have been. The Simpsons Arcade Game will always be the best entry in the franchise, and EA hasn't been able to top it yet. Hit & Run was a fun little action-adventure game, and The Simpsons Game provided solid gameplay (especially on the DS). It's hard to predict how fans would react to this canceled title, though, mainly due to the series' poor strength.

Looks like you can carry on as usual because we won't be seeing either of the two games listed here in the future. For the record, I wish publishers did bring more M-rated titles to the Wii. The potential is certainly there, but with the lack of HD visuals and achievements, some gamers are just completely put off by a multi-platform game on the Wii. I would also like to see a new Simpsons game that actually provides the quality beat 'em up action that the arcade game delivered. I can dream, right?

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