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Dead or Alive: Dimensions Serves Up Daily Downloads


If you picked up Dead or Alive: Dimensions for 3DS today, take note: for the next week, Tecmo will be putting out daily costume and challenge downloads. Beyond getting a new costume for your DOA lady of choice, you'll also get a special Throwdown challenge.

The Throwdown challenges are unique fights against AI modeled off the behavior of the development team. The first challenge, available today, will pit you against Hiroya Usuda, a Team Ninja member taking on the role of Kasumi. Usuda was also recently one of the programmers on Metroid: Other M.

A new character is spotlighted each day of the week. Today starts off with Kasumi. Besides the challenge, she'll also get a new costume. Following days include, in order: Ayane, Kokoro, Leifang, Tina, La Mariposa, and Hitomi.

This is a neat way for Tecmo to get players excited for the game. Hopefully a steady stream of content will keep players coming back. With the entire week focused completely on ladies, I'll give them one thing: they know their audience.

The downloads are distributed via the 3DS's SpotPass feature, so make sure you connect to a wi-fi network to get them.

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