Dead Island DLC Confirmed

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Looking for more insane, heart throbbing zombie action? Techland, the folks behind Dead Island, have announced the first add-on for the recently release zombie-tastic title.

Dubbed "Bloodbath Arena," the DLC will add four new arenas where players can fight endless waves of zombies. A new weapon - the Brain Wave Bomb - will also be at your disposal with the Bloodbath Arena add-on. Techland also added that experience earned from the four arenas can be transferred to the main campaign - great for players who may be underpowered and struggling to survive on Dead Island.

While the developer did not confirm a price for the DLC, they did announce that players who purchased the special edition of the game will receive the DLC for free.

Wanting to check out Dead Island before purchasing it or simply overwhelmed with the game? If so, be sure to check out GameZone's livestreamed walkthrough where we provide some helpful tips and strategies for newcomers.

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