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Dead Space developer Visceral Games hiring for 'exciting new IP'


A new IP appears to be on Visceral Games‘ agenda, this according to several new job listings.

The Dead Space developer was looking for a technical art director earlier this year, and just recently added positions for an environmental artists. Both listings explain, “This is a major opportunity to contribute creatively to an exciting new IP."

Publisher Electronic Arts told IGN, “We have nothing to announce or add to the job listings."

As of now, Visceral Games is only known to be working on a next-generation Star Wars game. Earlier this year, EA Labels president Frank Gibeau told IGN that there still is an opportunity for Visceral Games to return to the Dead Space franchise: “But it’s an IP we love and the Visceral guys have done a great job with it. There’s no reason to believe we wouldn’t visit it again.”

Source: [IGN] and [IGN

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