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Dead Space 3’s Kinect voice commands will even work with a Bostonian accent

Let’s face it, if you’re a huge gaming company like EA, you are going to make your triple A games in several languages to ensure the world can enjoy them (and to make more money). That’s expected. Now add Microsoft’s Kinect playability to all these languages and you've got yourself a project. It’s one thing to have the game speak to you in many languages, but when the game needs to recognize multiple other languages… that’s an ordeal.  On top of that, add dialects in those languages and it gets even more complicated.

The Kinect will attempt to benefit players playing Dead Space 3 by adding more options to play styles. Much like Mass Effect 3 and the Kinect, all the voice commands are gimmicky, but available to you if you so choose. I can never picture myself telling to Kinect to reload my gun in the middle of a fire fight when I could just press one button to do it. With that said, I always appreciate the option.

One of my favorite aspects of the Dead Space franchise is how your hud is literally on the back of your character. Your suit shows your current health and stasis. With the Kinect and speech features, there is also a microphone icon so you can tell when the game is picking up your voice or not.  I love this form of hud and really like what Visceral did here.

Dead Space 3 mic

A list of the speech commands featured in the video can be found below:

  • Use Stasis
  • Quick Heal
  • Find Objective
  • Find Partner
  • Revive Partner
  • Give Partner Ammo
  • Reload Weapon
  • Switch Weapon
  • I need Ammo
  • I need Stasis Pack

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