Dead Space 3 better with Kinect?

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Visceral Games has made the announcement stating that Dead Space 3 with have Kinect functionality for co-op voice commands.  So don’t worry, you won’t be waving your arms frantically or physically trying to punch invisible Necromorphs, this is be strictly voice.  The main focus of these vocal commands will be to communicate with our co-op pal.

The sort of communication the Kinect can offer will help in partners sharing health, ammo, finding objectives, reviving one another, and other like things.  There will be single player voice commands as well but Visceral didn’t announce what those would be as of yet.    Dead Space 3’s release is sneaking up on us with the February 5th, 2013 release date.  This will be the first game of 2013 that I’m excited for and am highly highly anticipating.

I played Mass Effect 3 with the Kinect voice commands and I can see this being very similar.  While the vocal orders were very smooth, instant, and very responsive – I didn’t end up using them once I was playing.  I enjoyed the option, I just didn’t take it.  I can’t say Dead Space 3 will be the same, but it’s what I am envisioning as of now.  Mass Effect 3 never has co-op voice commands so this could be a breakthrough.  I’m hoping it’s amazing. 

I look forward to more news on this.

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