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Dead Rising 4 to release several "fan requested improvements"

Enemy AI, new quests, and more.

While Dead Rising 4 didn't land quite the punch that both fans and Capcom were hoping for, that hasn't stopped the latter from doing everything they can to improve the experience and expand its player base. In a new post on the official Capcom blog, the company detailed a few "fan requested improvements" that will be implemented later this year. The improvements can be broken down into three categories, Human Enemy Improvements, Distress Calls, and Other.

Here's a breakdown of what you need to know:

Human Enemy Improvements

  • Maniacs will have new weapons that suit their character

  • Frank’s reward for defeating a Maniac will be wielding the new weapon

  • AI of the Maniacs will be improved to give players with an even greater challenge.

  • Some Maniacs will have new Maniac Minions who will attack Frank, enhancing the difficulty of the encounter

  • Human enemy AI is being improved for all types

    • They'll be better at using cover
    • Blocking attacks with shields
    • Countering players who rely on a single type of attack
Distress Calls
  • Six memorable side missions where Frank will aid a survivor in a newly scripted quest

  • Upon completing the main task, Frank will have to protect the survivor from the zombie hordes as they make their way to a safe location

  • Each Distress Call mission will give players a unique variation on one of Frank’s outfits as a reward


  • Improved controller responsiveness

  • Faster attack speed

  • Faster zombie horde awareness

  • More aggressive pursuit

  • Rebalanced weapon distribution

  • Improved zombie AI

  • Mission tuning

  • And more

All of these improvements will launch into Dead Rising 4 on December 5th, the same day that the PS4 version subtitled, Frank's Big Package releases. These improvements will be included in that package and will be a free download for everyone else.

Dead Rising 4 is available now for Xbox One and PC.


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