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Dead Rising 3 Operation Broken Eagle DLC detailed, demo coming soon

Operation Broken Eagle

Polygon has revealed Dead Rising 3's first DLC add-on, which will be bundled in the Season Pass for $29.99 or cost $9.99 by itself. The DLC is titled Operation Broken Eagle and will put players in control of Spec Ops commander Adam Kane as he's tasked with finding the missing President of the United States.

Aside from this mission, the DLC also comes packed with five new weapons, a new weapon combo, new vehicle, and an additional outfit.

Players who have yet to decide whether Dead Rising 3 is for them can get excited about an upcoming demo coming to Xbox Live. The demo however will be quite limited, working much like demos do on Nintendo's 3DS. It will only allow players a 20-minute session and can only be played twice on a given Gamertag.


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