Dead Rising 3, better with Kinect? I say impossible

Dead Rising 3 Screenshot - Dead Rising 3 Nick Ramos

For a system that will seemingly require the Kinect to operate, not a lot was shown off on the Kinect front. I get it though, showing off Kinect games or features would have practically been suicide for Microsoft. Still, I would have appreciated some more explanations and demos on what to expect with this glorified, $100 microphone.

After browsing the various launch games for the systems, I came across Dead Rising 3's features, one of them being quite intriguing:

  • Kinect allows the zombie horde to hear beyond the screen and respond to noise in your living room, so go ahead and flip off the lights if you dare

It surely is an interesting concept, something that could easily bring slightly more immersion to the game. It's this type of integration that I like developers utilizing.

However, there is one problem that I specifically have with this feature. As a father of a 7 month old (will be a year when the console comes out) this will most likely make my game that much harder.

My daughter is extremely vocal and likes to express her feelings through loud yells and shouts. If this Kinect integration can't be turned off (hopefully it can), it's going to make my Dead Rising 3 experience that much more impossible.

Or, you know, do the thing every other gamer dad does... game when everyone else goes to sleep.

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