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Dead Rising 3 13GB title update incoming


Before Dead Rising 3's first piece of downloadable content releases tomorrow, you may want to find some time to first download the whopping 13 gigabyte update. As outlined on Xbox Wire, the update will address a number of issues and fan requested features.

"After release and through the holidays, we’ve been putting together a large update list. It’s in reaction to everything we could find and we’ve actually been directly reaching out to fans who’ve encountered issues," said Dead Rising 3 executive producer Josh Bridge. Getting into specifics, Bridge noted one of the biggest improvements is fixing a problem that would prevent players from picking up the weapon or food item due to too much stuff grouped together on the ground. Another feature is additional impulse trigger support that will indicate when your gun is about to run out of ammo. As you near the end of the clip, the right trigger will start buzzing.

"Beyond that, we’ve got some more telemetry and found there were some issues with blueprints and PP-related achievements and trials. They weren’t unlocking properly depending on the order in which they were played, whether it was online or offline, so we addressed those," he said.

"We also looked at various performance improvements. In this type of big open-world game with tons of zombies and the ability to do whatever you want to do, like stacking a bunch of things and blowing them up, we knew we had to improve on those high points and tighten the gameplay experience. Finally, there were some stability issues that we dealt with to make everything that much smoother."

The update figures to be 13 gigs in size, which Bridge "really recommend[s]" in order to "ensure compatibility with the online players and all of the upcoming add-on content that's coming out shortly as well." That new content is, of course, Operation Broken Eagle, the first episode in the game's "Untold Stories of Los Perdidos" four-part content series.

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