Dead Rising 2 and Case Zero are your free Games with Gold starting today

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Xbox Live Gold members, ready your Xbox 360s, make some room on that hard drive, and go download the latest free game, Dead Rising 2. As part of Microsoft's Games with Gold promotion, gamers will be able to download two free games per month.

Dead Rising 2, which is normally $29.99 is free starting today, as well as the downloadable pre-quel, Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, normally for 400 MSP.

Dead Rising 2:

In the long-awaited sequel to Dead Rising, players step into the shoes of Chuck Greene, professional motorcycle racer. Surrounded by a horde of hungry zombies in the spectacular casino town of Fortune City, Chuck finds himself in a race against time to find Zombrex, the one thing that can keep Katey, his young daughter, alive. Can he protect her and make it out of Fortune City alive? Chuck's desperate struggle for survival unfolds in this, the long awaited sequel to Dead Rising!

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero:

Get a taste of what Dead Rising 2 has to offer in this full-featured prologue! Chuck Greene and his daughter Katey have barely escaped the Las Vegas zombie outbreak with their lives. They arrive in the lonely desert town of Still Creek looking for some rest, but unfortunately there is no rest to be had as this sleepy town has become overrun with zombies. Chuck must kill zombies, rescue survivors and escape from the zombie nightmare that is Still Creek before time runs out. Any PP, clothing, and Combo Cards gained in CASE ZERO will carry over into your Dead Rising 2 game!

And hey, if you're on a PC right now, which is more than likely, you can follow these two links (Dead Rising 2)(Dead Rising 2: Case Zero), and get both games right here.

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