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Dead Nation infecting its way to the PS Vita

Dead Nation Vita

Dead Nation fans, who have long waited for the game to be ported to the Vita, will be happy to know that it will indeed be released, finally.

Like the PS4 version, the Vita version was developed by Climax Studios, however, this version will mirror the PS3 version, and not the updated PS4 version.

The game will support both local and online co-op play, making the zombie slaying experience far more enjoyable.

Dead Nation will cost $7.99 and players will be able to also purchase the Road of Devastation for $3.99. If you've purchased the PS3 version or the DLC already, you get the game completely free! Not too bad right? Oh, and I forgot to mention the best part. The game launches tomorrow! Boom!

[PlayStation Blog]

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