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Dead Island Riptide Steam code gets you Dark Souls instead

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Imagine you are really excited to buy and play Dead Island Riptide. You purchase a retail copy of Riptide, open the box, put the code into Steam, and unlock... Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition. That's right, Dark Souls

Some Steam users in the U.K. had that exact thing happen to them. Deep Silver and Steam are aware of the issue, and have worked together to resolve it. Maurice Tan, Deep Silver's community manager, explained on the Steam forums that the code mix-up of Riptide and Namco Bandai's Dark Souls only affected some users in the U.K. and Nordic regions. 

Tan said, "We are aware of this mixup by whoever printed these codes for a completely different game from a different publisher, and are working on a best possible solution to help affected players and retailers. 

It didn't take long to correct the issue, thankfully. Tan updated the Steam post, saying, "We've worked with Steam to resolve this issue. If your are getting your retail copy of Dead Island Riptide today, the code will work properly. If you had redeemed it and received Dark Souls instead, please contact Steam support. They are aware of the issue and will make sure the correct game will be attached to your account."

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