Dead Island Riptide entices prospective buyers with free pre-order goodies

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Dead Island: Riptide, the sequel no one asked for is hoping you pre-order the game, which will come with some in-game goodies to make slashing up zombies even more fun.

There are actually two separate DLC packs that you can get based on the region you're in.

DLC #1: The Survivor Pack will be available in certain select regions, and will include numerous items such as the BBQ Blade, a fuel tank enhanced blade that will bring the heat to the zombie hordes. XP and Stat boosters will help you level up quicker. A digital strategy map will track all collectibles as well as quest progress. And lastly, a special shop will be available in the game which will offer special discounts on weapons and items.

DLC #2: Fashion  Victim will be available for anyone pre-ordering in the United States. This DLC will come with a set of completely new skins for all the player characters, including the new guy John Morgan, in co-op mode.

For those that aren't into this whole Pre-Order and get awesome free sh*t before the game comes out (I couldn't imagine why) you can later buy these DLC packs individually on Xbox Live, Steam and PSN for $4.99 (400 MSP) and $1.99 (160 MSP) respectivelly.

Listen, just give me my Zombie Bait edition with the half naked and slashed up girl torso over this stuff any day. Seriously Deep Silver, don't cancel that!

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