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Dead Island: Riptide CGI trailer is impressive, but will the gameplay live up to it?

Deep Silver first shocked the world when they released the trailer for Dead Islanda first-person zombie survival game. The trailer featured a somber piano melody as it slowly rewound the events of a zombie attack on a family on vacation. It was powerful, to say the least.

Fast forward a year later and Deep Silver is back. Today they released the first CGI trailer for Dead Island: Riptide, a sequel that takes place right where the first game left off. Needless to say, it SHOULD elicit some sort of emotional response from you.

Titled "When All Hope Is Lost", the video starts off with a young married couple sail boating through the open sea; a storm rages in the background. The scene then shifts to the couple embracing, but now inside the boat with zombies pounding on the outside glass. Queue the emotional piano music and gut-wrenching scenario. I won't spoil too much, but let's just say, you might want to get a tissue.

It's not AS depressing as the original Dead Island trailer, but it's still pretty sad. If only the game play can live up to it. And there in lies the problem with Dead Island: Riptide. So many fans are so turned off by the previous game that they're view on this upcoming one is somewhat jaded.

Initial reactions to the trailer on YouTube have been somewhat mixed. Most seem to be impressed with the trailer, but skeptical toward the game. One user wrote, "Fool me once shame on you. I'm not falling for this trick again. Great trailer sure, but the first ones was a masterpiece and look´╗┐ how that game turned out. Glitchy and boring as f**k. Thanks but no thanks." 

Although one of GameZone's writers did get to see some gameplay at PAX Prime, I'll wait until I see more until I cast my initial judgment of the game. Dead Island: Riptide is set to release in 2013.

Does the Dead Island: Riptide trailer have the same emotional impact as the original Dead Island trailer? Do you plan on giving Riptide a chance?

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