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DC Universe Online's War of the Light Part 1 begins for Legendary members


As promised, today marks the first time DC Universe Online Legendary members can experience War of the Light Part 1. In addition to a new storyline, the downloadable content introduces the Blue Lantern Corps along with a new powerset: Rage, which can be used by both heroes and villains Additionally, players also gain access to new Legends PvP characters: Saint Walker and Atrocitus.

Below are the contents of the new DLC along with official descriptions of each:

  • New Rage Power – The game’s 12th Power Set is a product of red light of rage and can be utilized for both good and evil. Heroes and villains who wield the tank power will notice its abilities have a berserker style feel.  
  • New 4-Player Operations – Unusual colored mists have appeared and caused a new war of light, centered in Downtown Metropolis, Mogo and Ranx. With the help of friends, including Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner on the hero’s side, and Hank Henshaw and Sinestro on the villain’s side, players must uncover the origin of the mysterious mists.
  • New 8-Player Operation – The Green Lantern and Sinestro Corps clash while investigating the mists in this new raid that takes place on Mogo and Ranx.
  • New Legends PvP Characters – War of the Light Part I introduces two new Lanterns – the violent Atrocitus and the agile Saint Walker.
  • New gear and collections

War of the Light Part 1 will be available for all players -- Free or Premium -- on all platforms (PC, PS3, PS4) on Tuesday, January 28, 2014.

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