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DC Universe Online's Free to Play Launch Revealed Tomorrow


DC Universe Online finally put players in the roles of customized super heroes that could either be mentored by famous heroes or villains from the DC Universe.

Things don't always go as planned however, especially in the MMO market, where there are no guarantees. This means that the once Pay to Play online game will now have to adopt the Free to Play model that many other games already adopted, much to their success.

With super hero MMO's especially, there is only that much you can offer, until things start to feel repetitive. And let's not forget that many people often spend way more time in the character creation screen, that in the actual game. Champions Online met the same fate, though City of Heroes still seems to be alive and kicking, through it's constant updates.

When is this fabled date where players can hop online and act out their DC Universe fantasy? That is still yet to be announced, but we have the date when that announcement is supposed to happen. Follow this link at 4:30 PT and watch as SOE Austin announces DC Universe's Free to Play launch date.

I have to admit that I'm quite excited for DC Universe to go F2P. I was one of the original subscribers when the game came out, and though I enjoyed it to a certain degree, I always had the feeling like the game shouldn't have a subscription fee for what it's offering. Looks like mine, and many other players prayers have been answered, and tomorrow we'll find out when we can once again log in, and fight alongside our favorite heroes and villains.

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