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DC Universe Online gets Armories


The tedious process of having to visit Respec Chambers to change your build in DC Universe Online can now be a thing of the past, as the superhero MMO has added Armories.

The new Base item is a consumable item that allows players to set up and save every aspect of their character, from weapons and loadouts, to power and skill point allocations. The Armory allows you to switch to a saved build immediately, giving you the ability to quickly adapt to any situation.

There are some restrictions, however. For starters, each character can have up to four Armories per base -- for a total of 16 -- and up to four active in the field. You can switch to one of the four "active" Armories at any time while not in combat, but are subject to a cooldown when accessed in combat.

A character's first Armory can be obtained for free after completing a specific mission, but additional Armory bundles must be purchased with Station Cash on PC and Marketplace Cash on PSN.

  • One Armory - $6 ($6 per Armory)
  • 4-Pack - $20 ($5 per Armory)
  • 8-Pack - $32 ($4 per Armory)

Alternatively, they are available through the Loyalty Vendor for Loyalty Points.

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