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DC Universe Going Free-to-Play Results in Over 120K Registrations


It looks like going free to play might actually be the way to go for future MMORPGs.  DC Universe is the latest to switch to the free-to-play business model joining Team Fortress 2 and Heroes of Newerth.  The result has been quite impressive, to say the least.

According to Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedly, DC Universe going free to play has resulted in "over 120k PC registrations in 2 days". 

DC Universe switched to a three tier free-to-play model: free, premium, and legendary.  Free is the most basic tier which allows players to play the game for free, but has several restrictions like character limit. The premium tier is for anybody who has ever subscribed to the game or for anyone who spends $5.  This tier gives additional character slots, inventory slots, and higher cash limits.  The legendary tier is still subscription based, and for $15 a month players get all the DLC for free and even more character/inventory sots.

It's hard to argue with the registration results since the switch, but of course, all that matters is turning those registrations into fans who are willing to spend money on the game.  It comes down to profit, and while Smedly didn't reveal any specific profit numbers, the 400% increase in registrations has to look promising.  Unfortunately, reports of server stability issues and long queues to log-in to the game might hinder some of the new players first experience with the game.

Check out the DC Universe FAQ section for more information about the shift to free-to-play and what it means to you.

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