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DayZ tops 2 million sales in under 6 months


The standalone version of DayZ has sold over two million units in just six months of availability. This is despite the game being in an Early Access stage in which the developer warns is "a work in progress" and contains "a variety of bugs." 

"Just over 2 years ago the DayZ mod release," said the game's designer Dean Hall on Twitter. "Today, the standalone game just broke 2 million units in under 6 months."

DayZ standalone is a full-fledged retail version of an Arma II mod created by Dean Hall. It's an open-world survival horror hybrid-MMO game in which players must fight to survive in a harsh post-apocalytpic world for as long as they can. If -- well, when -- you die, you lose everything and must start from the beginning again with absolutely no items. The game's strict take on death makes each encounter, whether it be with humans or AI, all the more intense and memorable. Just browsing YouTube for DayZ will result in a number of videos of strange and hilarious encounters. 

DayZ's addictive gameplay has sprung a number of clones, including Sony Online Entertainment's most recently revealed game, H1Z1.

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