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DayZ standalone won't be discounted to Arma 2 owners, and a casual friendly console version might happen


Either way you spin it, zombies are here to stay. If there is one thing for certain, adding zombies to something usually spells success. Enter Arma II, an almost too accurate modern combat simulator turned hyper popular thanks to a little mod known as DayZ. So popular, that people in fact buy Arma II, just to play the DayZ mod, and never actually play any of Arma II's campaigns.

We reported that DayZ mod creator Dean Hall is working on a standalone title, that won't require the need for Arma II, and that it will employ a similar development like Minecraft, allowing earlier adopters of the game to get it for a cheaper price.

In a recent interview with IGN, Dean Hall was asked whether those who went ahead and purchased Arma II specifically to play the DayZ mod would get a discount, or the game for free. This doesn't seem to be the case however.

“We talked about it. But DayZ, if it wants to be successful, has to stand on its own two feet. The challenge there is for the development team to put enough in the standalone that people feel ok paying 15 Euro or whatever to buy into it. This isn’t even going to be a full-priced retail title. It doesn’t need to be. We want a bunch of people to play it, so why price it high. So we’re going to have to say, ‘you want into this? You’re going to have to buy it, otherwise you can keep playing the mod.’ Arma II is a perfectly fine title.”

He also added that if the PC standalone proves to be popular and sells extremely well, that a console version could definitely be a possibility.

Don't fret though, your Arma II mod will still play DayZ even after the standalone is released

However probably one of the more alarming statements comes from talking about the console version, which he would consider making a bit more casual friendly for those that don't necessarily enjoy the hardcore nature of the PC version.

"From a business standpoint you’re cashing in, really, and from a consumer standpoint it’s good, because some people who might not like the super duper hardcore complex nature of the PC one, maybe they want a casual, and I’m using a word that’s probably going to make people cringe, version on 360. There’s a lot of people in the world and people want slightly different things, so why not cater to that?”

I don't really play the game so I can't really chime in on this, but I do know from watching and reporting on it that the appeal behind DayZ is its hardcore nature. Surely dumbing it down for console players wouldn't be a smart move.


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