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DayZ mod surpasses one million players


In just four months, Arma 2's zombie survival mod, DayZ, has surpassed one million unique players.

In DayZ you play as one of the survivors in an open world post-soviet state hit by a new and presently unknown virus. With most of the world's population now extinct, you must fight to survive against what is left of the population now infected with the disease. It's not just zombies you need to worry about, but even other players also fighting to survive.

DayZ has grown at a rapid pace since amassing 500,000 users in the first three months of availability. In less than one month since that last report, DayZ's unique player total has grown from 506,473 (July 11) to 1,000,145.

In addition to the impressive number of players, more than 1,219 years of gameplay time has been spent playing DayZ. Players have combined to kill over 2 billion zombies. There have been over 22 million survival attempts and, as it currently stands, there are 795,069 characters who are alive.

The average life expectancy is 49 minutes. Do you have what it takes to survive? Then be sure to check out DayZ.

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